July 25, 2022

Collaborate and Sharing Updates in Flutterflow - Why this is a game-changer.

We use design tools 10+ hours a day and have done so for the last 8 years. Sharing designs has come a long way in the last 3–5 years, Figma, Sketch and Adobe XD all allow you to collaborate with multiple designers and from multiple devices. This feature has made designing, iterating and getting feedback so much easier for design teams as well as stakeholders and developers.

In Flutterflow you don’t have to sacrifice any of those features. We will highlight how you can easily invite others to your project so multiple members can work on the same app and the few ways that you can share your app with stakeholders, where they can interact with it much like a prototype but with full interaction capabilities.

Team Collaboration

Inviting other designers/developers to your project is super easy in Flutterflow  —  go to the settings icon in the app builder & then click on the “team” tab. From here you can “Invite User” to your project.

“Flutterflow is creating the next phase of the product design to development cycle, combining multiple phases into one.”

Co-Working on a Project

We love this feature because it allows our design team to invite developers to the projects we work on or founders to own a project and invite us to work on their projects. This really is next level in mobile development, yes this exists in Wordpress, Webflow and some other no code builders but being able to really have full control of your interface while working with a developer has been a game changer for our agency. And the real-time collaboration that Flutterflow has added to their projects has been amazing where multiple users can edit the same project (only one user per page for now).

Project Sharing

Not only can you have multiple collaborators on a single project but you can also share your work with Share links.

Showing updates and flows, is very easy with Flutteflow, we have even used Flutterflow as a prototyping tool where users can fully interact with the screens — type in data, see modals, scroll page views etc.